black white photography

blackwhite photography of bird in tree

As a black and white photographer, this type of pictures causes an admirer to see the entire image.

In black white photography, There is no color distraction, especially when shooting portrait and architecture. Sometimes flat and Colour both create an equal but opposite impact! you can notice that in those pictures 

Photography without black and white or a photographer without black and white does not exist! And I would say it’s a long love story! Young people probably do not know but before the color, black and white was the lader!

Photographers learned to photograph in black and white/sepia first. Kodachrome dates from 1935 and 1936 for Agfa. then modern photography come.

In digital photography, some cameras now can shoot directly in black and white. Some even do that, I think in particular Leica M Monochrom, yes I know it’s expensive black and white but good other cameras like Sony have preset build in.

At the time of the film, photographers had the choice between white and black film or color film, they are now found on the VSCO preset including Kodak Tri-X, Kodak TMAX, Ilford HP5, Fujifilm Neopan and so much more!

The black and white photos erase the differences and “simplify” the photographed scene, which comes down to most of the elements that make up a photo. This visual impact is very different on a color photo.

The black and white also makes the image stronger (with more intensity), since the color brings some kind of distraction for the eyes. The eye receives a lot of information on color photos, but in the case of black and white, the absence of color simplifies the image in a stunning way

The black and white add a touch of mystery and “dark” also bringing more mysterious cliches, sometimes even intriguing!

Any photographers in the world like to make and create photos in such special tones. The black and white freezes time as if the picture was eternal, it’s pretty weird to say but I personally find that black and white have something that color does not have.

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