Photos of japan

Japan is a country I have long dreamed to visit, with an incredible landscape scenery, one of the world’s most chaotic & bizarre cities Tokyo.

When I set foot in Japan for the first time, I realized a 15-year-old dream. 15 years of a dream, it unbelievable and it is risky. And if I was disappointed? Finally, everything went well, I loved my trip to Japan and I would definitely come back. I read and learned so much about Japanese culture, I have made some Japanese friends also foreigns that made me felt like I was in a familiar place. and here are some of my favorites photos of Japan :

I did not experience this trip as a tourist at all. I did not want this first trip to Japan to be an ordinary trip, I did not want to chain tours and sights without taking the time to close my eyes and feel the country, without taking the time to live in Japan. I let myself be carried away by the culture and the spirit.

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