Landscape outdoor phtography

The exciting fact concerning nature photography is that, no matter how many time you shoot the same spot, it is never the same.

Whether it is the timing or the composition of your shoot, it will always be unique. even if you try macro or flower photography the result will be unique for each photo you take.
Landscape photography is very much like painting, except that you have to be careful about what is in the frame since you do not want to erase it. In painting, just do not paint it. For this and for the long preparation and the necessary technical knowledge, it is difficult to master. A finished photograph immerses the place to bring out the best the magic that occurred at the moment the photograph was taken.

The most famous photographers in history have always had a predilection for landscape photography.
On one hand, it is the documentary aspect that takes priority. When it comes to presenting a landscape as it is in reality and making it accessible to the viewer. On the other hand, by choosing a specially interesting point of view, the image will be given an appropriate distribution of volumes and surfaces. Or by an exceptional lighting an individual and artistic note. As is the situation for most subjects, it is inherent in landscape photography that it must be unique and therefore not reproducible.

At the present time, a lot of amateur photographers photograph landscapes of the touristic spot. The result often does not even please themselves. Because every picture should represent the subject in a professional way. These images are sometimes frustrating too if one dismisses the technical matter. The lighting is bad And the atmosphere that contributes to good landscape photography is lacking.

Each view has its own character. maybe a wonderful beach, lost in the infinite blue of the sky, a wild field with bizarre formations of rocks in high mountains. Each scene has its own face. Making this individual character the best possible in the image and fix it is a great challenge to the creative

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